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Why I Serve

Dear Neighbors,

It is a privilege to serve you on the County Board. We made important progress this year, but we know there is a lot more to do. I am running for a second term to champion the issues that matter to working families, like access to food and housing, and expanding our county’s commitment to addressing the climate crisis. I believe that sustainable solutions come from the community, and I appreciate your continued support as we work together to make Dane County an even better place to live.

Endorsements of Jay’s Campaign


Patrick Miles, Dane County Board Chair

Elizabeth Doyle, District 1

Heidi Wegleitner , District 2

Jeff Hynes, District 5

Yogesh Chawla, District 6

Richelle Andrae, District 11

Anthony Gray, District 14

Chuck Erickson, District 23

Kiersten Huelsemann, District 27

Chad Kemp, District 32

Michael Engelberger District 35

Student Endorsements

MGR Govindarajan, Alder, District 8

Olivia Xistris Songpanya, Fmr. Supv. D13

Henry Fries, Supv. Candidate, Dist 5


Working Families

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Food Access

The right to food is a human right. Hunger spares no age, identity, or locale. It is within our grasp to increase food security and strengthen local food systems so that this most basic need in the community is met.

Affordable Housing

We should champion every opportunity to build more affordable housing, make sure that public dollars are used to serve the public, build the local economy, and ensure that we are promoting sustainable design.

Climate Action

Dane County is already a leader on climate, AND we need to redouble our efforts to promote decarbonatization, sustainable building, public works, and the good jobs that go with those efforts, to mitigate extreme weather.


I am a proud resident of Madison’s Regent Neighborhood where I live with my spouse and our daughter.

My public service is driven by my experience as a labor union organizer and university professor. Together these experiences inform my understanding of what we need for a vibrant county.

When I am not working to build coalitions on the Board or in a union shop, I am an avid runner, biker and skier--just a few of the many wonderful recreational activities available in our county.

I Need Your Support

“In his time on the Dane County Board, Jay has done an outstanding job serving his constituents and the county. His thoughtful, principled approach has earned my full endorsement.” -- Patrick Miles, Dane County Board Chair

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Announcements and Coverage

Why I serve

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Contact My Campaign

Email: jay4district13@gmail.com

Phone: (608) 620-3931

ActBlue: https://bit.ly/jay4danecounty

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Paid for by Friends of Jay Brower